You came here because you like having fun and getting active, didn't you? Whether you're all about ski touring, tobogganing, avalanche training, music quizzing, yoga breathing or just want to put your feet up and play some board games, we'll do our best to get it sorted for you.

Touring/ exploring

We love exploring and sharing our secret spots with people sharing our passion for these mountains. So for you riders who want to go off the track; bike the trees without fear, go on downhill trail excursions, ski untracked powder down Mont Gelé or scale ridgelines, we'll do our best to help you find the hidden runs or a local guide.

Events and stuff

Aiming to cultivate a diverse and inclusive community of avid mountain people, we're looking forward to throwing events here at Hotel de la Poste. Follow us to stay updated on this season's events or send us a message if you want to throw one yourself. 

Friendly service

Lost in the valley? Don't panic, we'll try to help out. Going for a climb? We'll teach you some rope management. For us, good, flexible service is the backbone that can't break. But like everyone else, we're not perfect. We're just really happy if we can help create your stories. And of course, dogs are welcome here too.



Can't find the products you're looking for in your room? That's because we care about nature and are doing our best to eliminate single-use plastics. Avoiding tiny toiletries, encouraging people to bring a thermos and selling only bamboo toothbrushes might not save the world, but for us, it's about having a thoughtful and sustainable approach to our surroundings.