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How long have you been living in La Tzoumaz and why did you choose to manage a sports store? I have always lived in La Tzoumaz, I grew up here! Our store, as well as the ski school, were opened in November 1968 by my parents. Born with ski boots on my feet, I competed in the European Cup for a long time. Then I got my ski and snowboard instructor certificate. Following this, I became an expert for Swiss ski teachers for 17 years. I was one of the 10 representatives of Switzerland at international congresses. I also had the chance to ski two seasons in New Zealand. This path could only lead me to take over the sports store that my parents had managed, this one perfectly summarizing my passion for mountain sports such as skiing (you would have guessed), but also ski touring, mountain biking and trail running.

According to you, what is the most important thing when it comes to buying a new sport equipment? Shoes! For example with the ski, the shoe is the link between the person and the ski, it is the key element. Having good shoes adapted to your feet is essential for a good practice of the sport, but also for the well-being of the athlete. The same goes for trail running, walking, or even cycling. At the shop, we offer you a "boot lifting" service, method which consists in personalizing the shoes according to the foot profile, the level and the habits of the athlete. To do this, an analysis of the foot is done beforehand, and comfort is guaranteed throughout the season. Please feel free to come back if any changes are needed! Another advice ? Don't forget to regularly service your equipment. For experienced athletes we would even recommend to do it 2-3 times per season. The risk of injury is important on frozen slopes if the equipment is not well maintained. Plus during Spring, the glide will not be optimal on the "sticky" snow. What are the right things to do at the end of the season? Once again, doing a service at the end of the season, will let you start the next winter season peace of mind, without worrying about the condition of your equipment if you decide to do a last minute sport outing! What is your little treat at the end of the winter season? Take out my flip-flops, my barbecue and my bike! Any summer 2021 news you would like to share with us ? Yes ! I'm glad to work with Salomon brand for trail running shoes. Besides, don't miss the shoes test of new trail running models from the S-LAB range of Salomon, on June 5th, 2021!


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