From rooms with grand lits for the lone wolves or close friends to cozy rooms with mezzanines for the quads; we've got something for everyone. All rooms are equipped with carefully arranged hooks (providing a storage solution for your outdoor gear), free wifi and eco-friendly amenities. Step inside and feel at home with wood walls, alpine interiors, brand new comfortable beds, a private bathroom and complimentary breakfast. Please beware that all our hotel rooms are situated on the second and third floors and that the building doesn't have an elevator.

Skiers lodge

If you're seeking the ultimate in adrenaline kicks, you've come to the right place: a mecca of innumerable spots to embody the spirit of freeriding. And when the weather forecast says that a cold snap is about to hit the mountain, we know you don't want to miss out. Up the stairs one flight, our Skiers lodge is a floor filled with hostel-like rooms with shareable bathrooms for our shredding friends. So when asking yourself which backcountry you should hit up next, the answer should be easy. Book your bed for CHF 40 now.