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We are all about

the mountains

The raison d’être for the Hotel de la Poste is the mountains and the mountains are what make us feel alive! At once the mountains lift ours spirits and give us perspective. 

Our goal is to take care of you and the details so that your can focus on all this amazing area has to offer in any given season. Let us know how we can help and we'll do our best to give you the luxury of time well spent. The main thing is that you get out there!


The short walk to the cable car, slopes and trails ensures you won’t waste any time doing what you came here for.

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Skiing & Boarding

Not unexpectedly – skiing and boarding are the natural choices for most of our winter guests. We offer a great setup with a generous heated Ski Room and the main lifts just meters away.



With 560 routes and 30 climbing sites, breathtaking climbs await you in the region. In this magnificent setting, seasoned climbers can conquer new peaks, while beginners practice new skills. 



Biking & Hiking

The options for biking and
hiking here are truly endless. 

Road-cycling, Mountain-biking Electric-Mountain-biking, Cross country and most every other way to get around on two wheels. 

Walking, hiking, trekking, lift assisted... Once again, the possibilities are boundless.



Put your skins on minutes from the hotel and your'e on your way. If you are the more adventurous type there are plenty of high mountain access routes to get you in to the serious snow. Of course safety is paramount and the right gear and the right knowledge are essential. If you need some guidance our staff will put you in touch with the people that can show you the way!

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