Caro North is a 29 year old alpinist and mountain guide living in La Tzoumaz. Caro has dedicated her life to climbing and travelling and her adventures have so far taken her all over the world from Alaska in the north to Antartica in the south, and the Alps, Yosemite, The Himalayas and Patagonia in between. Just to mention a few! Her list of mountaineering achievements is already quite long, but there are a lot more ideas waiting to be achieved. Her main dream now is to go on a couple of more expeditions on long rock and ice faces, ideally being the first to climb the routes.

CARO GOT INTO MOUNTAINEERING AT AN EARLY AGE, growing up with parents that constantly took her on hut tours from cabin to cabin in the Alps. Her parents noticed that she always enjoyed the climbing sections and the technical parts and at the age of 10 she was signed up to a kids group at the Alpine club. Once a month they would go climbing somewhere, sleeping in tents or caves and cooking for themselves. Those weekend adventures spent with the Alpine Club gave her the outdoor adventuring spirit that is what she is still looking for whenever she takes on new adventures around the world.

HER LATEST EXPEDITION TOOK HER TO ANTARCTICA, sailing through the infamous Drake passage to ice climbing and ski mountaineering in the vast and untouched landscapes where the crew were accompanied only by penguins and seals.

DURING THE FREERIDE & SAFETY WEEKENDS, that we arrange together with the Swiss Ski School in la Tzoumaz, Caro will be one of the guides and on Saturday evening she will show her new film from the Antarctica expedition. Don’t miss this opportunity! Dates and details will be posted on the Gazette and on Instagram and Facebook.